So, Which One's Pink?

Dan - Vocals & Guitar

Dan sings most of the tunes and gets the juicy guitar parts Jools doesn't want to play.
Playing guitar since the age of 11 and singing since he was 17, Dan has gone through many different influences but still comes back to playing rock. He is nimble on the frets and does some impressive vocal gymnastics, switching styles in a second.
Dans Influences are wide ranging and his music tastes are eclectic, ranging from Dolly Parton to Disturbed, Jeff Beck to Imogen Heap.
His equipment is always in flux, a never ending quest for that "perfect tone" and whilst not using cloned David Gilmour rigs, he does come close to that signature sound but never in a conventional manner.


Dan's Rig normally, but not always, includes at least one or more, or possibly all, and sometimes none, of the following:
(to be honest, your guess is as good as anyone's...)


  • Browntone Ratocaster
  • Fender Elite Telecaster
  • Squire Jazzmaster VM
  • Squire Stratocaster VM
  • Sigma DM12
  • Auden Colton Cedar Cut
  • Browns Bog Oak Lapsteel
  • Fender 65 Twin Reverb Blackface 85W
  • Fender Vaporizer
  • 2 x TC Electronic G System IB Modified
  • Boss ME2
  • TC Electronic Dark Matter
  • Tone City Sweet Cream
  • TC Electronic Nova Drive
  • Dunlop Cry Baby
  • Rocktron Banshee

Jools - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Jools is a guitarist of exceptional subtlety and grace.
His preference is to play the rythmn parts, but when kajoled into expressing some lead - you will see his grin widen as he emulate's the styles of Tim Rewick and David Gilmour with equal aplomb.
He plays and teaches both Guitar and Bass - citing Gary Moore, Angus Young and David Gilmour as his biggest influences.
A true tone guru, using a rather exceptional example of a Marshall JMP 50 - but to his credit, the tone comes from the man and not the Machine.
With Just Floyd in full-flow, volume up, lights on and films running, close your eyes and Jools even looks like Dave Gilmour!


Jools' Rig varies according the size of the venue and the set list, but is a little more predictable than Dan's...
  • Fender USA Deluxe Strat with EMG DG2o Pro Series Pickups
  • Simon Farmer Custome Telecaster
  • Takamine Tan46c Electro Accoustic with Tri-ax Pickup
  • Yamaha AEX500 Electro Accoustic
  • Washburn WD10SCE 12-String
  • Bugera V55HD Valve Head
  • 1972 Marshall JMP50 & 2x12 Cab
  • AER compact 60
  • CratePB150 Powerblock
  • Boss GT100 Multi-effects

Simon - Drums

Simon has been playing since 1987 and teaching since 2005.
A graduate from the Musicans Institute in London and the Academy for Contemporary Music in Guildford. Covering all aspects of technique in all styles of music his has played for several bands - notably Sam Therapy with Brian Pendleton - former guitarist of iconic 60's group The Pretty Things.
For now, Simon is content keeping the heartbeat of the Just Floyd sound as he has since 2004.


Simon's gear (last time the band played together...):
  • Drums by Sonor
  • V-Drums by Roland
  • Cymbals by Paiste, Zildjan & Sabian
  • Vic Firth Sticks

Andy - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Sound Effects & Films

Andy brings a rare dynamic and authenticity to the Just Floyd sound. He has been playing keyboards (and some guitar), writing and recording since the age of 12, and has written and recorded pop, rock, jazz and orchestral music for TV commercials, films and presentations.
The Wright keyboard sounds are key to the Pink Floyd experience, and the sound of Andy's live keyboard rig demonstrates an attention to detail that is rare, even among tribute bands. Using arguably some of the best keyboards and synthesisers available, Andy has recreated the sounds and, just as importantly, Rick's feel that is so often missed.
Andy sings lead vocals on a couple of parts that Rick Wright sang, and for smaller gigs, he also covers sax duty using Yamaha's unique physical modelling synthesis with a breath-controller - the sax sound leaves many in the audience wondering where the sax player is hiding!


Andy's Live rig has evolved a little over the years, but he says it can't really get much better, so this is about it now:
  • custom Kurzweil PC3K
  • DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard
  • custom Hammond SK2
  • Yamaha VL70m
  • Boss RE-20
  • Neo Instruments Ventillator
  • Apple MacBook Air (sound effects & films)
  • Apple iPad ('slide-guitar', synthesisers)

Matt - Bass & Backing Vocals

Matt has been playing bass for over 10 years - his main influences are (obviously) Roger Waters, with some Chris Wolstenholme and Mic Todd.
His bass sound is centered on quality of tone - and he has it in huge bunches around 30-70 htz, delivered in brain-shaking frequencies courtesy of Ampeg Amps. His deftness of touch is something to witness and its clear he has studied his craft well.
He also plays Keys, and with a bit of persuasion will use a mic....


Matt's rig is as solid as his playing:
  • Fender USA Deluxe Precision Bass
  • Fender MIM Jazz Bass
  • Bass Collection Speakeasy 4 Fretless
  • Rotosound Rotosound 66 Rounds & 77 Flats
  • Boss GT-10 Effects
  • Ampeg PF 500 Amp Head & 1x 15 & 4x10 Cabs
Well, OK, Pink was not one of us,
and one of us was not Pink.
At least not with a capital P.
He was Roger really.
Kind of.