Welcome To The Machine...

Well, not to The Machine, but to Just Floyd.
Pink Floyd.   What could be said about this multi-platinum super-group that hasn't already been said? They are one of the most creative and enduring bands of all time.
Maidstone-based Just Floyd pride themselves on capturing the sound and feel that was the magic of the live Pink Floyd.   They have a lightness and relaxed authenticity to their performance that is often commended - they somehow feel closer to the original spirit of Pink Floyd than some of the robotic, studio performances typical of many tribute bands. There is an edge to this band's sound - live music at its best.   It's no surprise that the current line-up has been described as 'the most authentic live Pink Floyd tribute'.
Playing across the UK and into Europe, Just Floyd perform shows of all sizes - from a full-on Pink Floyd light & sound experience for thousands-strong audiences through to intimate music-only performances.
If you enjoy the music and sound of Pink Floyd, do yourself a favour and see Just Floyd, just as soon as you can - you will not be disappointed.

Any Colour You Like

Colour and Light and Shade, when it comes to Pink Floyd, relate to sound as much as visuals. And here are some of ours...

Just Floyd - UK Pink Floyd Tribute Band
Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom